Reef Fish in the Bahamas

Snorkeling in the Bahamas is an something that makes on onto many a bucket list. Visitors from around the world descend upon the shores of the Bahamas to experience its pristine beaches, experience it's rich culture, and explore its rich underwater world. For those who using Nassau as a home base for their snorkeling excursion, there are four snorkeling locations that give access to the riveting reefs of the Bahamas. No Bahamas snorkeling trip is complete without a visit to the Goulding Cay Reefs, located just off New Providence Island, brimming with colorful tropical species and elkhorn coral. Another must see location to view some of the most exquisite reef fish are the Rose Island Reefs. The visibility is virtually limitless, and these reefs also happen to be home to the Alcora wreck, a freighter sunk by the Bahamian government in 1983. Wrecks make for great snorkeling because they attract species of fish that you may not otherwise see in other locales. The amount of flora and fauna found in the waters around the Bahamas is dizzying, and for those spending time on the reef, you'll definitely want to bring your camera down here. Species like Angelfish, the Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, and Hogfish are a tiny sampling. Our Reef Fish blog is dedicated to educating you about life on the reef, what to look for, why these species are unique and what you can do to make sure these reefs stick around for the next generation to explore and enjoy. Happy Snorkeling!