Bahamas Nurse Shark

When most people envision the Bahamas, they think of spectacular beaches and amazing weather. While the Bahamas is indeed one of the most beautiful areas on the planet, there is an even more intriguing world that lies within the ocean waters. Bahamas Snorkeling offers you a chance to get an up close and personal view of the amazing marine life. One of the exciting creatures that you are bound to run across is the nurse shark.

Although the nurse shark has a menacing appearance, it does not usually pose a threat to humans. Unlike some of the other shark species, the nurse shark spends most of its days peacefully lounging near the sea floor. When they are seen swimming around, nurse sharks are usually looking for food. Their diet consists of squid, shrimp, and fish.

With the ability to grow up to 14 feet, the nurse shark can send chills through the spines of some snorkelers. Even the average-sized nurse shark of eight-feet exudes a fearsome presence. Its strong jaws and serrated teeth are just as effective as they look. However, the nurse shark does not usually attack unless it is provoked.

Some of the distinguishing physical characteristics of the nurse shark include a grayish-brown color and large tail fins. One thing that separates the nurse shark from the other types of sharks is its smooth texture. If you desire to see this amazing sea creature in person, Bahamas Snorkeling will present plenty of opportunities to do so.