Bahamas Yellowhead Jawfish

Snorkeling Bahamas is an experience all its own. Breathtaking waters combine the clarity of an "in home" fish tank and the freedom of flying. From plant to marine life, water enthusiasts can interact with a variety strange and unique marine species. The Yellowhead Jawfish is one species that is easily missed by the unobservant eye.

This tiny marine fish displays a dazzling fluorescent yellow head that fades into an equally beautiful fluorescent blue body. It is approximately 4 to 5 inches in length and is equally comfortable in the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean or the security of any saltwater fish tank. The Yellowhead lives its entire life near its home. It is known as burrower. Therefore, it is very comfortable among rocks and corral reefs and only ventures out for a quick meal or to gather materials for home.

Its relatively large mouth serves several purposes. It is a nursery for developing young and a tool for gathering sand and small rocks. When threatened, the Yellowhead Jawfish will quickly dart back to its burrow and open its large mouth as a threat display. However, it will quickly retreat from those unimpressed by the bluff. This curious, wide-eyed creature provides a refreshing, intimate look into the small details and enjoyment of snorkeling in the Bahamian waters.