Bahamas Trumpetfish

Snorkeling in Bahamas would not be complete without trying to catch sight of a trumpetfish. It is a sneaky fish that is very good at camouflaging itself, so pay particular attention and try to find one. They are numerous in Bahama waters, so finding one will not be that difficult if you know what to look for.

This long, skinny fish is colored green to dark brown, with some yellow spots apparent on the body. It has a black spot close to the long head, and sometimes there are a few dark spots around the tail. The trumpetfish is basically the color of a stick, and since it likes to swim straight up and down, it is often mistaken for one. When it does swim horizontally, it floats without moving for long periods of time and sucks unsuspecting prey into its mouth when they come close. It likes to hang out in coral that grows vertically, as it blends especially well there.

The Trumpetfish is very like a cornetfish in appearance, and is closely related: The only difference between the cornetfish and the trumpetfish is the shape of the tail - in the trumpetfish, it is rounded, while the cornetfish has a T-shaped tail.