Bahamas Sand Diver

While snorkeling Bahamas, divers can spot any number of colorful and interesting fish. The sand diver, or Synodus intermedius, however, often eludes even the most experienced scuba divers. Part of the lizardfish family, the sand diver has the ability to disguise itself so that it blends into its surroundings.

Much like a chameleon, the sand diver can lighten its coloring to match the sandy ocean floor or darken itself so that it blends into a colorful coral reef. It all but disappears when it is laying still, waiting for its predator to pass it by. If a diver wants to snap a picture of this unusual fish, he or she will have to work for it.

Try waving water gently towards the sand diver with your hand. Watch carefully, and eventually this wily fish will decide to make his move. When it hops to a new part of the reef or sand, you may be able to quickly take a picture of him standing out against his new background. You will have to be fast, though, because the sand diver will immediately start to change his colors so that he all but disappears against his new background.

Despite being a master of disguise, the sand diver is not a small fish. it can be up to 46 centimeters long. Because it prefers to remain hidden, however, it may choose to bury itself in the sand, with only its head remaining visible.