What to Expect When Snorkeling Stuart Cove Bahamas

Experience the awe-inspiring underwater world in the crystal clear turquoise waters of Nassau, Bahamas. When you take an adventure with Stuart Cove Bahamas you will board a boat custom built for snorkeling adventures. The guides are experienced professionals who make everyone feel relaxed and at home. Hop on board with us during your Bahamian holiday and let your discovery of marine life begin.

You don't have to pack your mask, fins, snorkel and life vest when you book a trip with us. We supply all the equipment you will need. It is completely sterilized and waiting for you on the boat! We have all sizes available - from kids to large adults. The guides on the boat will help you with adjustments so everything fits snug and the masks are watertight.

There is no need to fret if you have never snorkeled before. It is very easy to learn and the guides on board provide comprehensive instructions. As experienced veterans themselves, they can answer all questions and provide assistance as required. They are never more than a few minutes away for the duration of the journey. The boats have a wide rear platform, making ingress and egress from the water quick and easy. The showers on board guarantee that the salt water won't irritate your skin.

While you are snorkeling in Nassau, you will be simply amazed at the sea life below the surface. The more you explore, the more you see. Bright schools of tropical fish frolic through the surf. Enjoy the sight of eels poking their heads out from between rocks as if they are welcoming you to their world. The vibrant colors of fish, both large and small, are astonishing. Hours seem like minutes when you are discovering a whole new world.

Shallow reefs, which vary in depth from 10 to 25 feet, offer a great opportunity to explore. The fluorescent colors of the fish come alive in the pristine waters in Nassau. Your adventure includes two exceptional dive sites. While the exact location of the dive on the Providence Island area reef is determined on the day of the adventure, the guides know all the best spots. The clear, calm waters offer the perfect start to the day, especially for beginners. The veteran guides on board our boats know where the greatest concentrations of exquisite fish can be found and take great pleasure sharing your excitement.

For the second snorkeling Bahamas adventure of the day the guides will choose between another shallow reef or a shipwreck, depending on weather conditions and visibility. Guests love visiting the James Bond and Caribe Breeze wrecks. Many of our repeat guests specifically request these amazing dive sites! The wrecks are located well below the surface of the water and are home to many brightly colored sea creatures, which is why everyone loves visiting them. The mast of the Caribe Breeze wreck is a mere 8 feet below the surface! The thrill of seeing actual shipwrecks is invigorating.

Sightings of sea turtles on our excursions are always a thrill! Snorkeling Bahamas visits areas that are home to the green, protected hawksbill and loggerhead turtles. They are such graceful, fast-moving reptiles. Watching them glide through the waters is a moment you will never forget.

The brightly colored living coral gardens you will see under the waves are beyond breathtaking. They include a wide variety of species, such as brilliant colored sponges, sea whips and brain and jagged elkhorn corals. There are over 500 species of fish that call the reefs around Nassau their home. See how many you and your family can spot in one day!

There are just a few things you need to bring with you while snorkeling in Nassau. The sun is intense while you are in and around the water, so you will need plenty of sunblock. Some guests wear a rash guard with UV protection for an added buffer from the sun. Sunglasses help to eliminate the glare of the sun on the water. If you wish to purchase souvenirs at our boutique, we recommend you bring a little bit of cash.

We understand how hot it can be on the water, which is why every boat is equipped with a cooler full of fresh, ice-cold drinking water! There is also a cooler for snacks and plenty of room for storing the items you may have brought on board with you. There is ample seating on the decks for guests to relax on while we are transporting you to and around the snorkeling sites.

It is easy to become hooked on snorkeling. Every adventure is filled with the thrill of experiencing new and colorful species! When you plan a snorkeling Bahamas adventure you will be exposed to another world you won't soon forget.