Top 3 Family Friendly Snorkeling Tours

If you're heading to the Bahamas for your family vacation, and looking for
something perfect the whole family can enjoy, then a Bahamas snorkeling adventure is the right decision. We know it can be a little overwhelming having to comb through all the different tours, and figure out which one will be the perfect snorkeling tour to do in the Bahamas, so we've come up with a short list for you to chose from to help save you time.

Sensational Snorkeling Sea Safari

If you have really energetic and adventurous kids and you're going to be in Freeport Bahamas for at least a day, then this tour is it. Designed for the active family, this boat comes equipped with a rock climbing wall, and a slide into the ocean for when anchored for snorkeling. The Sea Safari provides ice cold drinks, and cocktails forthe parents on the way back to Freeport after the day of snorkeling is done.

Robinson Crusoe Beach Party and Snorkel

At some point or another, we've all wondered what it would be like to be deserted on an island, and what you would do to pass the time. Well, you and your family can play it out on this fun snorkeling tour. On the Robinson Crusoe Beach Party and Snorkel Tour, live out the fun fantasy by partying on a deserted island off of Freeport, and snorkel off the shores. Enjoy grilled food on the beach while sipping on cocktails, and swim in the Atlantic Ocean and laugh the day away with your kids.

Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day

The Blue Lagoon Island is what every kid dreams of when they think of a tropical family vacation. The Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day offers tons of activities for kids and adults to do, from lounging on a beach, to snorkeling offshore, to swimming with dolphins. This top rated tour is exciting and one of the most exhilarating things to do in all of Bahamas for families. No one can complain or moan on this tour, because it's so family friendly that it's safe enough to let the kids explore on their own. There is also a large off shore water, inflatable obstacle course that kids can conquer and use their energy on. This island really is an amusement park of the Caribbean, and is a great thing to do in the Bahamas for the whole family.