The Different Types of Fins

Whether you're just learning the ropes or doing some Nassau snorkeling, or Freeport snorkeling, fins are an essential piece of equipment you can't swim without. While they aren't as difficult to fit as a mask, the right snorkeling fins can protect your feet and allow you to swim faster when navigating the waters. The following are some important tips when making your selection.

Closed Foot versus Open Foot

Comfort is one of the top priorities when you're looking for snorkeling fins. Since you may be out there for hours, you want to have something that is properly fitted and won't cause hard spots or blisters from forming.

Open foot snorkeling fins tend to be stiff, heavy and bulkier than your closed foot versions. However, they are fitted to wear a boot underneath the fins. This can come in handy for divers who need the additional insulation for cold water dives. It can also prove beneficial when walking on difficult terrain to enter the water. With an added amount of weight in gear and drag through the water, the open foot fins can help alleviate any problems a diver may encounter.

Closed foot fins are less expensive and more efficient than your open foot varieties. Because the fins weigh less than the others, you don't have to waste additional energy to move them when snorkeling. This can also prove beneficial when you're packing your suitcase, and you have to stay within specific luggage weight limits. If you're concerned about the lack of foot protection when entering and exiting the water, you can keep your water shoes or flip flops nearby.

Split Fins versus Paddle Fins

Usage reports and testing have found that split fins propel the snorkeler forward more easily without a lot of wasted energy because of its design. If you plan on going out on longer swims, you'll be able to swim faster and become less tired with the split fins. The leg stroke with the split fins is also different as it produces an easier, smoother and rapid kick. While the split fin produces less resistance and allows you to move forward gracefully, it can prove challenging when you're looking to make turns, back-peddle and frog kick.

Paddle fins are excellent for fast acceleration, maneuverability and control, especially when snorkeling in Nassau Bahamas coral reefs. The paddle fins also make a great choice when you're looking to master your kicking strokes and make shorter swims when you're snorkeling. To achieve more power with the paddle fin, you need to gain momentum and strength by using your legs.

Scuba fins are designed to improve your dive and allow you to swim at a faster pace. Unfortunately, scuba fins aren't all alike, and you need to try on the various types to determine which one works best for you.