Bahamas Tarpon

With its beautiful resorts and intriguing culture, the Bahamas draws in thousands of vacationers each year. The area is also one of the best snorkeling locations in the world. Bahamas Snorkeling puts you in direct contact with some of the most astonishing marine life imaginable. One of those amazing sea creatures happens to be the tarpon.

The tarpon is definitely one of the most active and powerful fish in the Bahamas area. Although the average Tarpon weighs around 75 pounds, some of the biggest tarpon weigh in excess of 250 pounds and reach a length of eight feet. Some of the identifying traits of a tarpon include its prominent dorsal fin, large scales, and pointy mouth. Its nickname of andldquo;silver kingandrdquo; is due to its shiny gray appearance.

With a history dating back to the prehistoric times, the tarpon has the ability to live in excess of 50 years. Bahamas Snorkeling provides an easy opportunity to see tarpon in live action. Tarpon have a unique ability to engulf air at the water's surface, so it is not uncommon to see them peaking out from the water below. Often times, tarpon can also be seen leaping through the air like a speeding missile.

The tarpon is able to reach its massive size on a diet that includes crustaceans and small fish. Although tarpon are targeted by fishermen, they sometimes prove to be a very difficult catch.