Popular Destinations to Snorkel in Nassau

Swim among the bright corals and sea sponges to explore the habitats of crustaceans, starfish, fish, and turtles. View the predators of this underwater ecosystem at a comfortable distanceandmdash;sharks, barracuda, and other fishes. Catch a glimpse of the elephant's relative, too, the gentle manatee, as they graze in shallow reef lagoons. These tours, when conducted by the best and most responsible companies, are a form of ecotourism. They allow people to experience the beauties of this unique environment without offering harm to the many species that call it Home.

Because many of the local beauty spots are located in waters less than 25 feet deep, they offer opportunities suitable for visitors of all but the youngest ages. Some of the most popular destinations are Little Elvis, Nari Nari, and Goulding Cay. As well, snorkeling tours may include one or more of the shallow shipwrecks, which have formed a framework upon which aquatic ecosystems have developed.

Snorkeling in Nassau is a wonderful way to experience the wild beauty beneath the waves. Because it offers visitors a glimpse of another world, one well worth preserving, you'll want to take your time, and select the ultimate adventure. Make the most of your time in Nassau, whether it's a day or a two week stay in this paradise. The Seahorse Sail and Snorkel Adventure offers you the premium experience, filled with unforgettable sights and the best snorkeling locations. Come and join the adventure today.