Nassau Bahamas Snorkeling

The blue coastal waters off Nassau were made for snorkeling. The crystal clear Carribbean waters are teeming with a dazzling array of ocean life, including vibrant coral reefs, schools of tropical fish, conchs, lobsters, and sharks. A visit to Nassau almost begs you to experience a snorkeling adventure. Do it more than once, you are guaranteed to see something different every time! Whether you are staying at one of Nassau's hotels or resorts, or you are just visiting for the day on your cruise, there is time to experience the peace of snorkeling around Nassau!

Information on Nassau Bahamas Snorkeling

Much of the coastal area around Nassau can be snorkeled in andndash; the sights are just that plentiful and accessible. You can try embarking out on your own snorkeling expedition close to shore. Or, you can a snorkeling excursion a little farther from land andndash; which is offered by several dive shops in Nassau. These snorkeling areas offer incredible sights, and they are still relatively shallow, around 10-25 feet deep. These areas are ideal for a first-time snorkeler. The most popular shallow reef areas for snorkeling include Little Elvis, Goulding Cay, and Nari Nari.

You can also enjoy snorkeling at one of Nassau's shallow shipwrecks. These underwater vessels feature abundant plant life, and the schools of fish will swim around you in droves. Be sure to visit one of the wrecks used in the filming of some of the James Bond films, such as the Thunderball. Or visit the Carib Breeze wreck, which at its most shallow point is only 8 feet below the surface. Any of these shallow wrecks will provide an excess of beautiful sights to behold.

Another underwater adventure that you can experience is snorkeling with Caribbean Reef Sharks. Located in a designated shark feeding area, the food will be deeper than you are (so don't worry!). You will gaze in awe at the grace of these misunderstood creatures, and marvel at their power and beauty. You can be assured that snorkeling with sharks will be an unforgettable experience!

Nassau Bahamas snorkeling is a safe and fun activity for the entire family. It is an ideal way for those not certified in diving to enjoy the tranquility and awesome sights of the ocean, and it is also a good activity for those who are not the strongest of swimmers. Most dive operators will provide you with any equipment you need, or you can bring your own along. And don't forget your underwater camera to capture images of the incredible scenery!