Bahamas Lionfish

If you are a fan of Nassau snorkeling, identifying fish can be part of the fun. One fish that you may very well see is a Pterois or Lionfish, as they are commonly known. They are gorgeous creatures with contrasting stripes, and they come in colors that range from creamy white to red black. Fans of long, thin spikes protrude from their tails, fins, and backs.

They're beautiful fish, but look and make sure not to touch: Lionfish spikes are venomous and their poison can cause a variety of symptoms in humans. If stung by a Lionfish, seek help immediately: Their stings can cause intense pain, headaches, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, and many other symptoms. In rare cases, paralysis, heart failure, and even death have been reported from Lionfish stings. In most healthy people, symptoms will be milder, but if are stung and show signs of allergic reaction (swelling of tongue or throat, chest pain, or difficulty breathing), get to a hospital right away. These are symptoms of anyphylaxis, and they are life-threatening. Even if you don't have a severe reaction, the effects of Lionfish venom can last for several days, effectively ending your Bahamas snorkeling and perhaps even ending your vacation or trip prematurely.