Freeport Bahamas Snorkeling Locations

Snorkeling Reef Locations in Freeport / Grand Bahama Island

A trip to the Bahamas is the exotic dream destination for many. The sunny locale provides rest and relaxation unavailable on the Mainland. One of the most popular activities around the Islands is using snorkeling gear to swim and dive off the coast. Snorkeling around Freeport and Grand Bahamas Island is a great way to experience the beauty and wonder of nature without the cumbersome requirements of deep diving scuba gear. Bahamas Snorkeling spots are both well known and hidden. Here are some destinations to help plan a future trip.

Nassau and New Providence

The main city of the island chain for hundreds of years, Nassau has grown to cover over half of New Providence Island. This is a city that is full of wonder and refinement, a destination every Bahamas Snorkeling fan should visit. Dotted around the city are many beautiful spots for the inquisitive, including beautiful dives that can't be found in any other part of the island chain. Nassau hosts many delightful areas that are both in the open and hidden. These dives are like rare jewels found on the ocean bottom. To find the best areas of the city to snorkel, book a guided tour to the best spots.

Just because Nassau takes up half the island, it would be disservice to not recommend snorkeling around the whole island. There are spots like Love beach, which has a great snorkeling spot not far from the sandy destination. Around the Island, there are World War 2 shipwreck sits, shallow enough for snorkelers to visit a part of the past. Caverns also dot the landscape with views that are awe inspiring with steep drops that add a little excitement to the snorkeling experience. Both Nassau and New Providence have many great areas for the snorkeling enthusiast.

Paradise Island

A small bit of paradise located in the Bahamas, this island is only one mile square (around two kilometers square) but hosts a sea full of snorkeling opportunities. The waters around this island are home to the living wall of coral, a magnificent feature that drops down and fans out in to the ocean. Paradise Island also hosts a variety of marine life that can be interacted with, though a guide should come along to help show which fish are safe. There are many other locations around the island, from exposed caves to coral reefs and even relaxing natural views of the ocean. These are all available for the experienced and novice snorkelers alike.

Peterson Cay

Known as the smallest national park in the Bahamas, this uninhabited island is necessary see destination for any snorkelers. This beautiful area is located near Freeport and contains with the waters some of the best snorkeling spots in the whole island chain. These include many of the most wondrous coral reefs in the world. These naturally formed walls are great to swim and explore, starting a shallow depth that is perfect for the novice snorkelers. The shallow depth of the water around Peterson Cay leads to a full day of Bahamas Snorkeling, with the incoming tide not making the best spots inaccessible. The one caveat is that Peterson Cay is only accessible by water. The snorkeler must hire a guide to go out to the island or rent a boat or a kayak. This is a location that shouldn't be missed despite the inconvenience of travel.