Caribbean Reef Squid

A Bahamas snorkeling adventure enables you to explore the colorful reefs and exotic marine life that lies offshore. Get an up-close look at the torpedo-shaped Caribbean reef squid, which has the ability to fly out of water. Found throughout the Caribbean Sea, these reef squid are usually found in small schools. While hatchlings reside close to shore, these amazing sea creatures migrate further out to sea as they mature. First residing in turtle grass near the shore of various islands, adults later venture out to deep-water coral reefs. Watch how the young squid mimic the movement of the grass to avoid detection from predators and prey.

It is also common for divers and snorkelers to view these marine animals near the inshore reefs of Florida, the Bahamas and other Caribbean islands. They are often confused with cuttlefish because of the large fins, which wrap around their mantles. You can view these sea creatures up close as they appeared to be intrigued with humans. Witness how squid communicate through a variety of changes in their color, shape and texture. It is believed that the squid can create almost 40 different patterns. The changes are produced by the chromatophore organs and muscles tied directly to the squid's brain. It can be fun to watch as these changes are used to ward off predators and attract a mate during courtship. View the amazing Caribbean reef squid and other colorful tropical fish during your Bahamas snorkeling adventure.