Bahamas Snorkeling Tips

Bahamas Snorkling Tips

Getting ready to do some great Bahamas snorkeling? There are a few tips that will help make your trip more enjoyable and safer. If it is the first time you have ever snorkeled, you will want to make the experience as much fun and free from stress as possible. For first-timers, remember that our crew members can answer your questions and are there to help. Swimming and seeing exotic creatures, evident in all Bahamas snorkeling trips, is made more delightful with the inclusion of these tips:

1. Relax

Going with the rhythm of the water and flow are part of the experience. Relaxing is the first step to easy floating. Salt water gives you buoyancy, so half the work is done already. The beauty of the Caribbean will soon be evident as you become one with the environment. With the help of relaxation, gentle swell and minimum current will make the experience truly enjoyable.

2. Remember to Breathe

Breathing through your mouth is a feature of snorkeling, since your nose is inside of the mask. It may be a different sensation and one you are not used to, but it is necessary when snorkeling. You can practice without the snorkel, just looking into the water while holding your breath. When comfortable with that, put the snorkel on and remember that one end must be out of the water. Since you don't want to swallow salty water, at first, keep your gaze forward instead of down, being sure that the snorkel is above the water.

3. Work Those Fins

Since the fins propel you through the water, they are the method with with you will be able to get closer to a reef, circle around and become fish-like mobile, as opposed to just floating. Your legs are the key to great snorkeling, not your arms. Push your legs to ensure smooth and long kicks that are scissors-like, relaxing your arms at your sides. Your propeller-feet, a.k.a fins, will then take you around the reef in your new and relaxed position.

Bahamas snorkeling is so much easier if you follow these few tips. It is then that the wonders of the Caribbean waters will awaken you to new sensations and sights, even if it is your first time as a snorkeler.