Snorkeling Gear

Bahamas snorkeling provides the ultimate experience for novices and experienced snorkelers alike. The pristine, crystal clear, blue water is the ideal backdrop for experiencing sea life circling in their natural habitat. Snorkeling is a highly rewarding activity that will be the most memorable part of a Bahamas vacation.

When preparing for a Bahamas snorkeling trip, it is a good idea to familiarize oneself with the type of equipment that will be used while snorkeling. Here are the items that will be utilized on any snorkeling trip:

  1. Snorkeling Masks A proper fitting, high quality snorkel mask is essential to enjoying the time spent under water. Take a minute to imagine what it would be like to battle with an ill fitting snorkeling mask that leaks and fogs up without fail, and it is easy to realize how important it is to source a quality mask. When choosing a snorkeling mask, look for a wide silicone skirt, an anti-fog/vision enhancing coating on the lens of the mask, and the ability to see peripherally with ease once the mask is on. Snorkelers may have to try several different brands and styles of mask before finding the perfect fit.
  2. Snorkels A snorkel is the breathing device that allows the snorkeler to remain face down in the water without the need to come up for air. Try to find a snorkel with a wide tube; this will make breathing easier. A proper fitting and comfortable mouth piece is important as well. Be sure that the mouth piece fits well in your mouth and does not cause any discomfort at all. If possible, choose a snorkel that has a splash guard at the top that prohibits water from traveling down the top of the snorkel and into your mouth.
  3. Snorkeling Fins A quality pair of good fitting snorkeling fins allows the wearer to glide through the water without expending as much energy as when simply kicking the feet and legs. Fins should be snug, but not tight and must be tried on before setting out on the boat on the way to the snorkeling destination.
  4. Sunscreen Sunscreen is so important for snorkelers! Spending a large period of time floating and swimming near the water's surface leaves the back, back of legs and arms and back of head all very vulnerable to the sun's damaging UV rays. The sun's rays are also intensified on the water, so sunscreen is a must. Look for a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen that is at least spf 50 and water resistant. Remember to get back on the boat to reapply sunscreen at regular intervals.
  5. Snorkeling Vests A snorkeling vest allows snorkelers to float and glide through the water with comfort and ease. Vests provide buoyancy that the snorkeler is able to control. Wearing a vest also makes the snorkeler safer, due to increased visibility.
  6. Underwater Cameras A Bahamas snorkeling trip is the experience of a lifetime and with an underwater camera in hand, it can be re-lived for years to come through photographs! There are several varieties of underwater cameras available, from disposable to high end. There are also waterproof cases available to put a traditional camera or phone with camera function in, but those come with more risk of damage if any water does get in the case.

It is up to the individual as to whether they choose to buy their snorkeling gear or rent the equipment needed, and there are pros and cons to both options. Most visits to the Bahamas include air travel, and transporting bulky and heavy scuba gear is a definite deterrent. However, personally owned snorkeling gear will allow for a snorkeling experience that is sure to be comfortable and efficient. It is certainly not necessary to purchase snorkeling gear; reputable snorkeling trip companies have rental equipment available that is high quality and well functioning. Regardless of how the gear is sourced, a snorkeling trip to the Bahamas will be an unforgettable experience sure to be remembered fondly.